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3-Minute Miracles was developed by Brenda Sorkin, a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. 

Many people experience pain and discomfort while doing the things they love or simply during normal activities. Athletes, construction workers, dancers and even office workers can overdo it. Many are sitting too long at computers or looking down at their smartphones for extended times. Some suffer from chronic pain and can’t find relief, impacting their mood and outlook on life.

3-Minute Miracles™ are natural, gentle movements you can do anywhere, any time, promoting better physical and mental functioning. You can easily experience how the “neuro-muscular-skeletal” approach to movement helps your body move more naturally, freeing you from unhealthy patterns. A few of the benefits can include reducing pain, improving posture, increasing your energy, moving more easily and sleeping more soundly.

Brenda Sorkin, GCFP

Brenda Sorkin, GCFP

​Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Bones for Life® Senior Trainer, Movement Intelligence Senior Trainer, Child Space Practitioner, Certified Trager® Practitioner

“These natural movements can provide relief from tensions and pain, and are vital blueprints for reducing stress in our everyday lives. So many people will benefit from this work.” – Brenda

In private sessions and movement education groups, Brenda Sorkin has worked with a diverse group of clients from infants to adults. An autoimmune disease at an early age led Brenda to discover the movement approaches that help her remain medication free and have relieved her of pain from scoliosis. In turn, she has helped many restore themselves from physical discomfort while utilizing a soft focus of attention to encourage stress-free movement. Her approach encourages cognitive development at any age. Brenda has participated in medical research using the Feldenkrais® Method to help those with multiple sclerosis. She has also successfully worked with psychotherapists to attend to the somatic experience in the psychotherapeutic process.
Brenda has a background in counseling with a particular interest in dreams and mythology.

Brenda has a background in counseling with a particular interest in dreams and mythology. She spent time in her life as a modern dancer prior to her movement educational studies, which have included certifications in qigong, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, Trager Psychophysical Integration, and various other disciplines. Since her own experience in The Feldenkrais® Method with its neurological understanding of neuroplasticity, her main focus has been movement education. She is a Senior Trainer in Movement Intelligence™ developed by Senior Feldenkrais Instructor Ruthy Alon, Ph.D. She is also certified as a Child’Space Practitioner by Senior Feldenkrais Instructor Chava Shelhav, Ph.D.

Brenda is certified in both the passive (table work) and active (self-directed movements referred to as Awareness Through Movement®) modalities of The Feldenkrais Method. She has taught public Awareness Through Movement classes in Charlotte since 1994 and offers private Feldenkrais and Trager sessions.

​Learn more about Brenda at www.movementdialogues.com

Jason Groenewold

Jason Groenewold

Jason first went to Brenda seeking relief from a severe case of sciatica caused by a ruptured disc in his back (L5/S1). He hadn’t been into the office in over three months because he couldn’t sit or stand for more than 10 minutes. The pain was torturous. Doctors recommended surgery. They said there was nothing further they could do after therapy, three epidurals and prescription pain medication all failed to provide relief.

Then Jason met Brenda. Within four weeks of working with her, he was back in the office, able to sit through hour-long meetings. He was able to walk freely again and sleep through the night. He could drive and stand in a line without excruciating pain. He could join friends for dinner. It was miraculous!

Jason had tried nearly everything: physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, injections, pain medication, meditation, stretching, yoga, and several other therapeutic approaches — anything to avoid surgery. He had nearly given up and was resigned to needing back surgery, which doctors said would likely result in having to fuse his spine over time.

Today, Jason is pain free and living life with ease. It’s all thanks to this work. It’s what inspired him to partner with Brenda to bring 3-Minute Miracles to those who want to experience the wonder and miracle of life.

See the possibilities.