Keep On Rolling


Rolling is important for babies…and adults! Stimulate every organ system in your body and organize your ability to balance with this delightful course.


Rolling is an important developmental stage in babies — as important as crawling— and becomes a foundational step for standing.  But did you also know it's equally important for adults?

Rolling stimulates every organ system in the body, and it helps our posture in sitting and standing. It also enhances our sense of balance.

[Note: This is not a beginning series. If you are in pain we suggest starting with the Introductory Course or Calming the Nervous System.]

As in each course, there are longer videos for when you can linger and short 3-Minute Miracles "Sniblets" you can do throughout the day. Keep on Rolling!

Classes Include:

#1. Restorative Rolls Back to Side (~51 minutes)
#1a. 3MM Sniblet: Waking Up Bones of Feet for Turning (~8 minutes)
#2. Find Your Center Line Rolling Belly to Back (~48 minutes)
#2a. 3MM Sniblet: Spiraling with Back to the Wall (~7 minutes)
#3. Rolling Side to Back from Sitting (~50 minutes)
#3a. 3MM Sniblet: Foot on Chair Relating Upper to Lower (~5 minutes)
#3b and 4b. Instructions for Wrapping Scarf Around Foot (if needed) (~1 minute)
#4. Rocking and Rolling (~52 minutes)
#4a. 3MM Sniblet: Finding Relief in a Chair (~6 minutes)