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Movement Momentum 2


This course helps restore your sense of balance by bringing attention to walking upright on our feet with fluidity.

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This course continues from Movement Momentum 1 with more complexity and with a variety of positions -- on belly, hands and knees, sitting, and standing. It brings attention to walking upright on our feet which is critical to balance. Neuroplasticity needs diversity which is emphasized to awaken connections in our brain while moving in a gentle, fluid manner in every variation. The goal is to encourage both physical and mental flexibility and stability.

We have individual classes tailored in length to the time you have available, including our short 3-Minute Miracles “sniblets” you can do throughout the day.

Classes include:

#1. On Belly Tilting Legs to Find Midline (~53 minutes)
#1a. 3MM Sniblet - Standing with Back to Wall Organizing Arms and Spine (~4 minutes)
#2. From Belly to Side Sitting (~50 minutes)
#2a. 3MM Sniblet - Standing Facing a Chair (~5 minutes)
#3. Free Your Back in Side Sitting (~48 minutes)
#3a. 3MM Sniblet - Sitting in a Chair Relational Turning (~5 minutes)
#4. On Hands and Knees with Face on Floor (~45 minutes)
#4a. 3MM Sniblet - Hands on Wall Turning (~5 minutes)
#5. Flexible Feet (~52 minutes)
#5a. 3MM Sniblet - Flexible Feet Standing (~6 minutes)
#6. Elements of Walking (~42 minutes)
#6a. 3MM Sniblet: Walking Using the Chair (~9 minutes)