Movement Momentum 3


Discover your “uprightness” and move with confidence through these directed movements


This course has a focus on uprightness from a variety of positions.

We have individual classes tailored in length to the time you have available, including our short 3-Minute Miracles “sniblets” you can do throughout the day.

Classes include:
#1. Grounding and Finding Uprightness On Back with Foot on Thigh (~49 minutes)
#1a. 3MM Sniblet Sitting in a Chair Grounding and Finding Uprightness (~10 minutes)
#2. Flexible Ribs On the Side (~55 minutes)
#2a. 3MM Sniblet Ribs and Smiley Face (~5 minutes)
#3. Organizing Front and Back on the Belly Finding Uprightness (~47 minutes)
#3a. 3MM Sniblet Standing with Scarf Finding Uprightness (~9 minutes)
#4. Lengthening the Front Lying on the Back (~48 minutes)
#4a. 3MMM Sniblet Organizing Hands Finding Uprightness (~6 minutes)