Read what people are saying about the work of Brenda Sorkin, co-founder of 3-Minute Miracles

“I’m a harpsichord musician, now 81, and recovering from a stroke which severely damaged my right hand, arm and shoulder. Brenda Sorkin’s Feldenkrais classes have helped me learn rebuilding techniques, new ways of thinking about music, and how to accommodate an aging body. In addition, a Feldenkrais lesson improves my balance and allows greater smoothness in pursuit of daily activities. I’m more conscious of and intentional about how I move.”
– S.S., Musician

“Anyone who wants to gain bodily intelligence will appreciate Brenda Sorkin’s Bones for Life Immersion. Her embodied knowledge of the curriculum coupled with her learner’s mindset and decades of experience make her an invaluable somatic guide. She helps students identify unconscious movement patterns that hinder the body’s optimal functioning and introduces processes to align the skeletal system, bringing greater fluidity and strength. She is a wise and gentle woman whose teachings will bring health and vitality to your years.”
– H.S., Teacher

“A bulge in my spine got aggravated to such an extent that I could barely trust putting weight on my right leg. I limped along for a month. Thankfully I had enrolled in Brenda Sorkin’s Awareness through Movement® classes. There was a marked difference after the very first class in how I could walk and go up and down the stairs. It was remarkable that this change had occurred so quickly. One BIG thing I FINALLY learned, after MANY years, is that small movements are so much better for me.”
– M.R., Teacher

“For over 20 years, movement classes with Brenda Sorkin have been a meaningful component of my wellness efforts. As I enter my mid-seventies, the kinds of movement she offers are increasingly important for improving my well-being and particularly my balance. Her guidance is gentle and encouraging, with a baseline of starting where you are and moving gradually into new alignments. It is a pleasure to be in Brenda’s classes!”
– M.B. CEO

“I have been working online with Brenda Sorkin for a few years now and I love and enjoy every single class. She pays close attention to our movements, and at the end of the class my body feels more organized and I have a sense of calmness. I highly recommend working with Brenda.”
– P.B. Gyrotonic® and Gyrokineses® Trainer

“I had a spinal fracture from osteoporosis. Brenda helped me recover from that fracture and then taught me how to reverse osteoporosis! I recently had a bad fall, and nothing broke. My bone scans are better. And, by the way, now I’m learning how to have good balance from Brenda!”
– P.B., Artist

“In every class, workshop and training with Brenda Sorkin, I am amazed that there is always ‘more;’ more deepening, more subtlety, more awareness. However, the greatest gift of this practice is that I can take the awareness that I absorbed in class into every activity throughout my day. When I sit at my computer, open the refrigerator door, reach for a dish on a high shelf, or take my daily walk, the awareness goes with me. I only wish that I had discovered this work in my teens. In deep gratitude,”
– D.M., Artist

“I am so glad I chose to participate in the Bones for Life Certification program. It has been a wonderful experience with so much to take in, learn and experience. I’ll have plenty to continue to work with and explore! Brenda is the most wonderful, wise, compassionate and patient teacher, which is what made the program so enriching. I am so grateful for her example and all that I have learned just from being in her presence.”
– C.H., Accountant

“I’m a writer. When I first began Feldenkrais® classes with Brenda, people told me it would help my writing. I was skeptical. Yet the morning after the third class, I solved a writing problem I’d been struggling with for weeks. I soon realized that the 24 hours after a Feldenkrais class was often the most creative and productive time of my week.”
– K.S., Writer

“At 67 years of age I have been very healthy throughout my life with the exception of joint issues brought on my years of running and a serious ankle injury. It is my desire to be active, something which has proved increasingly difficult due to joint pain. The Feldenkrais work has shown me a way to be back into balance, to utilize my body in a natural and flowing way which eases or eliminates pain and enables me to enjoy an improved quality of life. I have learned through this work that less is more. The results for me have been truly amazing.”
– J.H. Electrical Engineer

​”Learning HOW to move, under the guidance of a masterful teacher has boosted me to a new place that is now free of a 15-year osteoporosis diagnosis. Do I practice a lot? Not really, but my body has shifted. It has gravitated toward what is right, and I enjoy the journey of becoming more intentionally aware of even the smallest everyday movement. Brenda Sorkin manner is gentle and playful, yet always finely tuned to help each individual tap into their reservoir of strengths and talents. For many of us, such assets may have become buried over time, deflected by problems associated with pain, osteoporosis, the lack of medical doctor’s input/knowledge, and not knowing how to exercise without hurting oneself. Brenda Sorkin wisdom is a gift for everyone who wants to improve their daily life.”
– L.N. Educational Psychologist

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