3-Minute Miracles

These short video clips demonstrate how the methodology works. If you are experiencing discomfort or wish to increase mobility and restore postural alignment in any area, follow the instructions in the videos below. Experience the miracles!

Note: The videos on this website are educational and not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. If you are under medical treatment for pain or other conditions or have any concerns about appropriate movements for yourself, please discuss these with your provider. Each person’s response to these movements is different. Responsibility for any of the movements in these videos is with the individual user.

Arms and Shoulders: The Spiral is Key

Enjoy this video on how to improve your shoulder mobility and flexibility with our targeted movements.

Back: Fluid Interaction

Discover the secrets to a strong, healthy back with our 3-Minute Miracles expert.

Hips: Stabilizing and Aligning

Say goodbye to hip discomfort and improve your overall well-being with our simple hip video.

Neck: Relieving Compressive Habits

Experience rapid relief and improved performance with our neck process.

Knees: Cultivating a Springy Walk

Watch as our expert practitioners provide guidance that can improve your knee health for good.

Feet: Securing our Sense of Locomotion

Healthy feet are key to optimal mobility and pain-free living. Discover how our video series can help.

Posture: The Fluidity of Uprightness

Experience natural uprightness. Your breath and every organ will love you for it.

Posture & Balance Relating Feet and Shoulders

Find balance and your center-line in this simple process.